How to spot a fake Dolce Gabbana striped handbag

Dolce Gabbana striped handbags have become popular in the Boston area over the past few years. A common style seen is the striped handbag. They come in color choices such as black and white, tan and white, and aqua and white stripes. These handbags are simple, yet stylish. The best thing about these handbags is the quality they bring. Sometimes, it can be difficult to spot a real handbag from a knock-off. It’s important for you to know the difference before you spend your money.

Look closely at the label on the handbag. It should say, “Dolce Gabbana” or “D Make sure there aren’t any spaces between the words or the lettering. Also, the ampersand ( should drop lower than the rest of the wording.

Check the spelling of the name. Designer knock-offers are known to have inconsistencies with the spelling. The label should also be in a black and white color. If the label is violet or multi-color, then it’s a fake.

Examine the western backpack handbag under a bright light. Look for any loose or pulled threads. A designer handbag should be made well for the money you spend. The threading should also have the same color as the leather. For example, a black leather handbag would have black threading. A knock-off would have tan or violet threading throughout.

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Look at the construction of the bag’s exterior. Inspect how the pockets are placed inside and outside of the handbag. Notice the zippers and the hardware. Hold the hardware in your hand, and see if it’s heavy-duty or cheaply made. Check the hardware to see if it has the emblem on it. An authentic bag would have the emblem on the hardware and the zippers.

Look at the lining inside your Brown Anais Gvani Men’s Genuine Smooth Leather Long Bi-fold Wallet. Feel it to tell if it’s thin and cheap. The lining should also be made with a high-quality fabric. Read the label inside of the handbag. If it says, “made in China,” then it’s a knock-off.

Feel your handbag to see if it’s made from genuine leather. A Dolce Gabbana handbag has leather that’s so soft and smooth, like butter. Their leather is made out of the finest materials. You should also feel the bag to see if has any bumps on on it. An inauthentic bag would have little bumps on the faux leather material.

Squeeze the handbag to look for any bumps. Look for any cracks as well while you’re squeezing it. If the material cracks, then it’s made of faux leather. Only low-quality handbags are thin and flimsy. Smelling the material may also help you determine if it’s a knock-off. You would be able to smell the leather if it’s genuine.

You should only shop at authentic or high-end stores that sell Dolce Gabbana handbags. Also, stay away from street vendors that sell knock-offs. These stores include Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Stay away from eBay and online stores. If the price is low, then it’s too good to be true. If you’re unsure about your striped handbag, compare the look of it with those sold on high-quality websites.